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What are Turkey Ribs?

Turkey Ribs are a fresh approach to the age-old craft of barbecuing ribs. These delectable on–the–bone cuts of all white meat turkey at long last give restaurants and their customers a low–fat alternative to traditional BBQ, one that requires neither sacrifice nor restraint–only indulgence.

Each rib is a quarter–pound cut of especially tender turkey white meat – slow cooked as barbecue should be. Turkey ribs can go from package to plate in a matter of minutes. They can be flash grilled, oven baked, microwaved, or even put in a smoker for that traditional touch. Our Turkey ribs are great for showcasing restaurants' in–house sauces and secrets.

Turkey is the Perfect Protein…

Turkey offers more nutritional benefits than other meats. It has the lowest fat content of any other meat, including chicken, and more protein per portion than chicken, beef or pork. Turkey white meat is also the lowest in calories. Turkey has the most methionine, the essential amino acid required for complete protein usage.

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